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Specialty Green Coffee Imported Directly from Mexico

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Uniquely Sweet Coffees From Veracruz Mexico


Great Coffee Starts with Great Coffee People

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Both of Our Wet Mills in Veracruz Are Specialty Coffee Only


Our Specialty Coffee Dry Mills in Veracruz Can Custom Mill to Any Spec


Quality Control From Cherry to Parchment to Cup

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Join Us On Our Next Roaster Origin Trip to Veracruz, Mexico


To bring incredible high quality Specialty Coffee from small producers direct to your roaster.

IPCoffees Specialty directly sources high quality green coffee from small, independent coffee producers and strong cooperatives in Mexico’s high altitude Veracruz region. We work directly with coffee producers to ensure that they receive the full benefit of their land and their product, in a fair and sustainable manner. IPCoffees Specialty is unique in that we are fully integrated from wet mills, to dry mill, to export and import.

Our Story

Mexico has truly spectacular Specialty Coffee. But it has remained frustratingly out of reach for many years; until now. We believe in Mexican Specialty Coffee and we are focused exclusively on bringing this coffee directly to our roaster partners. We have one of Mexico’s best specialty coffee infrastructures. Our partners leverage our complete vertical integration from cherry to parchment to green using our own wet and dry mills. IPCoffees Specialty provides full service logistics, operations and total responsibility from milling to export to import to warehouse.

IPCoffees Specialty is focused exclusively on directly sourcing high altitude coffees from Mexico’s famous southern coffee regions. Our team has especially deep roots and operations in Veracruz where some of the finest specialty coffees originate as both of our wet mills and both dry mills are located. No other company has the depth and breadth of coffees from the Veracruz region.

Mexican Coffee

  • Mexico is one of the most bio-diverse countries in the world with more defined micro-climates than any other country.
  • This wide range of micro-climates in its coffee growing regions produces many different flavor profiles to appeal to many different palates.
  • Veracruz, Puebla and Chiapas are world renowned for producing quality coffee, though the US is just starting to see it.
  • Mexico has a strong infrastructure of Licensed Q Graders with over 340 individuals, more than any other producing country.
  • Specialty Coffee in Mexico has tremendous potential for its neighbor to the north and is set to explode in terms of quality and quantity.
  • Mexico is one of the largest global coffee producers with a production of over 850 thousand pounds per year, it is ranked 8th worldwide.
  • Mexico has been a component in our Tigerwalk Espresso since the blend was revised a few years ago. The source of the Mexico component has changed over time but, we feel the IPC lot we currently use is one of the cleaner and sweeter ones we have found.

    • Ted Stachura
    • Equator Coffees
  • Our customers have been blown away by the unique black grape and malic flavors they taste in our espresso using IPC 's Veracruz coffees. The Puebla in our Cold Brew makes a sweet, chocolatey bomb and is redefining what our customers think about iced coffee! 🙂

    • Peter Shultz
    • Black Sheep Coffee Roasters
  • Zongozotla is as much fun to drink as it is to say. From the moment the coffee hit our café as an exclusive offering, our staff and customers have been raving about it. It performs well as pour-over, iced, and is a particularly lovely espresso. We couldn’t be happier with our purchasing experience with IPCoffees.

    • Nathanael May
    • Director of Coffee - Portland Roasting
  • Mexico is on the rise, and we are excited to see what grows out of this region. An origin trip with IPCoffees brought our attention to advances in processing, and being able to see first hand the major progress in cup quality is fantastic. Our baristas and customers are loving the coffees, and we look forward to offering more awesome coffees from Mexico.

    • Hiver van GeenHoven
    • Green Coffee Buyer Chromatic Coffee
  • Barefoot Coffee is thrilled to be working with IPCoffees to source darned nice specialty grade coffees from Mexico’s Chiapas and Veracruz zonas. There is an otherworldly amount of untapped potential in coffee from Mexico and IPCoffees is doing some rad stuff there. The coffees we got were clean, sweet and balanced and were delivered exactly the way they were offered. That’s what we look for in a coffee import partner and they deliver.

    • David Johnson
    • Barefoot Coffee
  • As a small specialty coffee roaster that is growing rapidly it has been freaking awesome to work with the people at IPCoffees cause they get it. I’m pumped about the future of mexico coffees like I’ve never been before now that these guys are bringing some much needed improvements to our closest coffee neighbors. The coffees we got were bright, clean and well balanced and gave us some unique coffees in our market.

    • Lucky Rodrigues
    • Insight Coffee Roasters
  • The coffees we received from IPCoffees are some of our most well received coffees in our offering. They form the foundation of our newest and most popular espresso blend and have increased our cold brew sales dramatically. IPCoffees is fast, efficient, friendly and a joy to work with. They have allowed us to finally source specialty coffee from Mexico and we love their vertical integration. Loves me some sweet Mexican coffees!

    • Nanelle Newbom
    • Swell Coffee Roasters
  • Strong coffees, solid pricing and great service make working with IPCoffees Specialty a treat. Our customers are enjoying the coffees and we are excited to see what’s coming for the next harvest! Even when a shipper banged up the bags, they were prompt and fixed it immediately. The team are coffee people.

    • Derek Anderson
    • Speedwell Coffee
  • IPCoffees Specialty truly delivers with well-balanced specialty coffees and unparalleled service. Our first origin trip with IPC, a great success, proved beyond doubt that we could not ask for a better partner. With IPC, we can offer our customers some of the best Mexican coffees on the market. Thanks IPCoffees!

    • William Smith
    • EXO Roast
  • I am excited about the potential for specialty coffee that IPCoffees is developing in Mexico. The coffees we bought were well balanced, clean with complex flavors. We are looking forward to this years offerings.

    • Chris Chantler
    • Vail Mountain Coffee and Tea Co.